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Warm Surfaces is a trademark for radiant floor heating and warming wires, owned and operated by K&L Cable. K&L has the capabilities to produce a variety of wires used in many different applications.Our abilities to produce high-temperature wires for the manufacturing industry has lead us to build and offer high-quality floor heating wire systems to customers all over North America. Our products are cULus-certified and comply with the most stringent industry standards to ensure our customers' comfort & safety.


Premium Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Warm Surfaces radiant floor heating systems are silent, energy efficient and space saving. Once the system is installed, the comforting warmth will radiate through your ceramic, tile, slate, marble or engineered floors.

Warm Surfaces systems eliminates dust, unwanted smells transferred by ventilation ducts and unwanted radiator noise.

Warm Surfcaes systems have been designed using the latest technology and know-how in making the finest quality radiant floor heating system in North America.